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Attention! Ride Rule Changes for 2006 and all following years.

In past years several riders showed complete disregard for the safety of everyone by pulling out from the side of the road at gas stations, convenience stores and forced their way into the ride. This caused accidents with riders going down. This happened at several locations, and we were very lucky that someone wasn't hurt very seriously. This kind of behavior by a few riders forces us to make stricter rules for everyone.

Starting this year (2006), we can no longer invite you to join the ride any where along the route. You MUST start the ride in Chattanooga, TN or in another safe location along the route or after a total ride gas stop.

I will be having ride meetings with all police at the problem areas and ask them to issue tickets for failure to yield and reckless endangerment. I would appreciate everyone's support on this issue. It will make a better and safer ride for all participants. We must do everything on our part to insure a safe ride for everyone.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Bill Cason
Ride Leader & Originator

JOIN THE RIDE AT DESIGNATED STOPS ONLY ! ! ! ! DO NOT jump into a gap in the ride as it is moving.

Arrival At McFarland Park
Due to safety concerns we must eliminate all cross traffic at the entrance to McFarland park. All riders in the Trail of Tears Remembrance Ride will be required to turn into McFarland Park and remain until all bikes    in the ride have entered the park. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. Please note that if anyone chooses to violate this requirement they accept all responsibility for themselves and anyone that might be harmed due to their unwillingness to cooperate with authorities. Neither the City of Florence, nor the Trail of Tears Annual Remembrance Festival, nor Trail of Tears Remembrance Association, Inc is responsible for any accident, damage or loss that may occur.

THIS RIDE IS POLICE ESCORTED WHERE RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE. Police escorts are the ONLY road guards. Leave together and KEEP UP WITH THE PACK. If you leave gaps, cars will enter and separate the pack. You will NOT be protected by Police Escorts if you separate from the ride.

YOU WILL NOT BE PROTECTED BY POLICE ESCORTS IF YOU ARE BEHIND OUR TRAILING VEHICLE or separate from the ride. The trailing vehicle will have a banner designating the vehicle as the end of the ride. If you are behind this vehicle, you may join the ride by safely passing this vehicle and joining the ride.

STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE and RIDE STAGGER OR SIDE BY SIDE The left lane is for police escorts STAY OUT OF IT ! ! ! ! ! !

HELMETS ARE REQUIRED Please wear your helmet at all times on this ride. They are required by state law in Tennessee and Alabama.

NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL This is a non-alcohol ride, please do not bring alcohol with you.

NO WATER HANDOUTS OR HIGH FIVES WITH SPECTATORS This is simply asking for trouble. There are TOO MANY bikes on this ride close together. A small wreck could spell major troubles and injuries.

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