History of the Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride

In the early 1990's research began of Native American history surrounding the Tri-state area. Learning that the Trail of Tears removal had used a route passing along present-day Hwy. 72. conversation began with Bill Cason of Whitwell, Tennessee about what could be done to bring public awareness to this event. It was felt that this route should be officially recognized and marked. Conversation after conversation took place. One day Bill Cason, a Harley-rider, suggested that the best way to he knew to get people's attention was to have a bike ride.

Thus began plans for the 1st Annual Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride. On October 8, 1994, eight motorcycles, led by Bill Cason, began the ride at Ross's Landing. By ride's end the number had increased to approximately 100. By 2001, the 8th Annual Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride began with 40,000 motorcycles and ended with a reported 90,000 motorcycles pulling into the ride’s end – making this event the largest organized motorcycle ride in history.

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