Here in Hollywood, FL just a few minutes away from the sunny beaches, and the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, you can discover this hidden, cozy and pampering nook inside the Law Offices of the Cohen and Cohen building. Many of her clients have openly expressed how relaxing it feels just walking in once they open the door to her suite.

As years of experienced acquired, Maryuri has made always an effort to incorporate the most beneficial techniques along with the most needed products to perform each and every treatment. Margie’s Therapeutic Touch, was introduced to Therapeutic Massage Oil for lymphatic drainage by Pink Horizons Botanical Skin Care. Lypossage is a body treatment that utilizes lymphatic drainage, skin rolling (Myofascia Release), Deep Tissue massage and effleurage, to assist the body boost the immune system, reconnect lymph and tissues after plastic or any type of surgery or procedure.

As a trial their massage therapist substituted the product she was using for the lymphatic drainage with the Therapeutic Massage Oil, and was quickly taken by how easily it glided and allowed her to perform the Lypossage treatment. Another important factor was the client’s experience, and that was a big plus in making our decision to not only use this Organic, Holistic oil, but to completely replace all the other massage oils they use for their other massage treatments.


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