Free Skins in Fortnite Battle Royale? Yes!

I’ve found Fortnite to generally be a great multiplayer game providing an equal amount of gameplay and the ability to socialise. I will stipulate here that I only play online with friends, generally in private lobbys but I have played some of the missions in public lobbys. This can get frustrating but if you get the right lobby can add an element of fun and an extra challenge. Although, I have always found that I can’t fortnite the skins that are released daily almost daily. That is until i found this video: free fortnite skins – watch it and get all of your skins for free 🙂

The single player is good (save the world) with an engaging story and variety of mission.

When I think of what I really think of this game it puzzles me. I’ve played the game since day on the Xbox 360 and have more than 60 days played there. At first with the game it was fun. Everyone was on the grind to make money and the most expensive car in the game was the Adder for 1 million. Epic games in my eyes has slowly turned the game into, what I see as, pay to win. I would recommend this game if but only if there is a sale. The online economy is disappointing and the only thing that seems to balance out Epic Games’s greed are cheaters dropping money. However you can get some super cool skins in fortnite, so it makes up for it!