Fortnite – Have you tried the new Pterodactyl Glider?

WOOP WOOP! Fortnite has been smashing it with AWESOME skins! Today they just released the new Pterodactyl Glider! So being me, i tried to find some youtube videos on the new glider to see if I should buy it… However I found this video on how you can actually get the Pterodactyl Glider for free:

I thought I would share with my community to let them know you can actually get it for free too! If you have not played Fortnite yet, check out my review below:

The game is great, it’s an alternate to pubg, but makes more sense. It’s fairly balanced, not including a few overly strong weapons. There are classes that you can pick, each class having their own unique ability and unique legendary weapons, some pick all of the same class as a strategy, others split their players to make things easier to find and so that they have several uses. The game basically rewards you for not camping because to get the legendary weapon for each class, you must kill another player. Otherwise you cannot get the weapon, the weapon, along with armor, stronger class abilities, and some potions can be made at several points in the map. You can make them by using “Shards” that you can collect by disenchanting weapons, abilities and armor that you choose not to use, maxing out at 200 shards. Of course as a battle royale game, this is a fight to the last stand, so some choose to hide until the end and attempt to kill the last remaining people, however in this game, doing this gives you a large disadvantage. This is because most remaining players in the top 10 have heavy armor, and legendary weapons, these weapons make enough of a difference so that you must kill someone most matches to win, but not such a big advantage that you cannot win without them. If you kill an enemy player using the same class as them, you can collect their legendary weapon, their abilities, along with everything else they had such as armor, pots and even the amount of shards they were carrying. Always collect the shards before disenchanting anything so that you may get the most out of each kill. One last detail, you can make armor, abilities and your legendary weapions in forges as I mentioned earlier, however you can only make one of each in each forge. For example if you make a piece of armor in a forge, then later go back to that forge with enough shards to make another piece of armor, you cannot make it there because you had already done that earlier (in the same round). Private message if you need any more information or have any questions 🙂