Have you purchased the fortnite battle pass? Well Dont!

Great game filled with choices and consequences. Killing everyone is very tempting and you will level up faster but you must decide if it’s the right path for you. I made a choice that I regret, but that’s life. There is a glitch with finding the trinkets box, I found it but it didn’t register, now i can’t complete that investigation. Overall, my kids and I love it.

Put simply, this game is a great game… it’s $10 for the season 4 battle pass, but i just watch this youtube video and get it for free: How To Get Battle Pass for FREE

If will benefit greatly from a sequel where hopefully they can improve the combat (the bosses were pretty easy and most of their moves were telegraphed and limited), and the facial animations (Lady Ashbury’s face in particular looked a bit botoxed and stiff).

I wanted to like this game and I certainly did in the first few hours, but soon enough you realize that everything gets too repetitive. After finishing the first two areas, there is not that much coming afterwards other than the same stuff you have seen before. Which is especially annoying, since you engage in dialogs most of the time which suffer from stereotype characters with repeating. uninteresting lines. Your dialog choices don’t seem to matter at all and talking to people feels like a time wasting activity. On top of that, spending most of the time talking with people, the facial animations are on Mass Effect: Andromeda levels, which further hurts engagement and immersion. When you finally do something else, other than talking, you do combat. Combat against a narrow variation of enemies which all look exactly the same. Combat is slow and repetitive. It doesn’t feel good. I wish I had more cool fortnite abilities.

Graphics are cool though, I like the world and atmosphere. Despite the lack of animations, the voice actors did an amazing job creating that english accent. Still overall, I’m not satisfied and could not recommend the game to anyone.

I had a great time playing it once but to be honest i cant be bothered sitting through all the dialogue tedium again just to get a different ending.


I was a bit skeptical about buying this game but BOY AM I GLAD THAT I DID. I was able to let lose my inner monster. To feed on the unsuspecting populus of London. To help people out when I felt like it, to drink then blood when I felt otherwise. My GOD complex was fed to much by this game. AMAZING.

Good Game. Would Recommend.