How you can get free skins in fortnite! SKULL TROOPER CONFIRMED!

A great way to spend hours of your life killing enemies to get the materials to kill enemies faster and in different ways, if that sort of thing appeals to you.

Just make sure to use your starting platinum (premium currency) on additional slots to store weapons or waframes, this is one of the only non-cosmetic items that needs it and variety is the core of the game, so having more right of the bat is a blessing. Luckily i found this video: how to get skull trooper for free

That being said, platinum aside from your starting plat is tradable, so nothing in game isn’t aquirable with enough time and effort.

This game is super fun and there is always another goal to work towards. There is a huge selection of weapons which you want to test out because all new weapons raise your overall mastery level. which in turn unlocks more weapons. You get to slay thousands of space marines and space zombies as a super power weilding space ninja, and it is extremely satisfying. Play with friends or play alone and make new friends. There is also a story to the game which is amazing for a free game. This is probably the best free game I have ever played. I would recommend spending any platinum that you start with onĀ fortnite and weapon slots.
It’sĀ kinda dope for a grindy F2P fortnite game. the buyable currency can be unlocked through time, effort, wit, and ingame trade of ingame unlocks. the engine is fantastic and impossibly good. i could run this at low settings, still have it look god tier, and on an old POC jurry rig PC build i slapped together with parts from a 2007 work computer.

This game looks nice, has decent storytelling, runs well, has great artstyle and interesting mechanics.

Its funny to me that nobody realised they were playing a 3rd person shooter, sci-fi ninja parkour simulator, puzzle game, card game, and slash & bash all at the same time. (Thats exactly what this is and so much more)
It’s the way it was executed that works so nicely.