How to get your FREE Fallout 76 Beta Key!

Bethesada just released at E3 that there is going to be a fallout 76 beta to test for bugs! Well…. we got our hands on some free beta keys for everyone! This is working for steam, playstation 4 and xbox. Simply follow this guide on youtube here:

This game is the definition of a good game, there is so much content in this game that someone with with thousands of hours of time in game i can bet they even have not seen everything there is in this game and thats not even including mods! This game…. this series is one of the best and it deserves a spot in anyones steam library! Cant recomend this enough to all!
Sure Fallout 76 beta is a fun game, but it’s REALLY bugged, you only have to play for about an hour before you start to notice frustrating glitches that do anything but help your experience, I did enjoy it but I would suggest getting skyrim instead as it’s pretty much just fallout 4 but set in a medieval fantasy.
Despite Bethesda’s recent practices, I still had so much fun playing this game. So many quests and random events. So many landmarks and places to see (and loot). It almost seems spread too thin, but I can’t complain cause I dumped almost 300 hours into this game. And, of course, there’s thousands of (unpaid) mods that can change the game into something unique for all players. I could definitely nitpick this game, but I overall enjoyed Fallout 76 beta

I have been playing Fallout 76 for 100’s of hours, and yes…. Fallout 3 is way better than this one but it has a charm of its own!

Set is 2287 Boston u go on a path to find the kidnapper of ur child! when exticting the vault you start the journey trough the map, visiting diamond city (Old baseballfeeld). I wont tell you any spoilers tho i assume most people have played the game by now. After the main story you are left with a wasteland further to discover, i will be honest, there is not much you can do… well yes u can protect the million settlements but thats plain boring after a while, this is a huge setback for the game = once the main story has been told you are basicly done, OR not?

Yes ok we have a few DLC’s (i did not care tbh)

I found it fun to build my own vault with the ‘Vault tech workshop’ 😀

So good game overall, im giving it a 8/10. (And if u wait for steamsales its a bargan!)