You can play MotoGP 18 for free!

First off: It IS a simulator. By definition, it is a simulator. I love assetto corsa, rf2, r3e, and ams, but i have to admit this DOES feel just as good as those (in some cases). I say some cases because content in this game is not treated equal. Classes like gt3, gte, lmp1, lmp2, you know, the popular stuff, get treated with A LOT more care than classes like gt1, gt4, vintage stuff… etc. Not saying the other classes have poorly handled vehicles, but it just seems like the game tries to push you away from using them. There is NO CUSTOM CHAMPIONSHIP because ian bell daid we would be happy with the career in the game. Sadly, you cant use 90% of the historic cars in the career. It is so irritating to have a new dlc come out with these amazing amchines, but you cant even use them in the career other than a dumb short race (invitational). Also in MotoGP 18 there are a lot of tracks that need a lot of work. You can really feel the difference between Sugo, Fuji, Nordschliefe, and something like Indy road course.

To be honest, I am dissapointed with this game. I played 1 a lot, and really liked it but expected so much more for the sequel. It is a step forward, but in not enough areas. I am recommending it because the ffb is great, the physics are as good as they need to be FOR A SIMULATOR, and the content selection is unparalleled. Here is how you can download it for free:

There is nothing like racing in a full field of gt1 cars at le man. No other sim can make mee feel as satisfied at that moment.

MotoGp 18 is a extremely solid racing sim overall. Absolutely one of my favorites out there. At this point in time it definitely stands right next to Assetto Corsa in terms of handling, physics, and driving feel.

Car selection is also superb, and only growing with the DLC packs. Track selection is an especially high point, there’s really not much else that comes close to this much track variety. Tie that in with a superb fully dynamic weather system and it becomes truly great.

I won’t say it’s perfect in every way, but this is pretty much exactly what I want from a sim racing game.