Battlefield V Beta key? Yes this video shows you how!

I see that this game has a ton of content, and that’s awesome for the playerbase this game has retained. But for the love of god I just can’t get into this game no matter how much I want to. It really sucks because I love looters and MMO lites.

My first ever MMO lite was one the west has forever forgotten: Phantasy Star Online. It had a futuristic fantasy theme with randomly generated stages, RPG elements, and an impressive amount of content you could collect for a 2000s game. Much like Battlefield V, you would spend hours and hours grinding for that next item that would make your character stronger and capable of grinding better. The PvP sucked but the community was dank.

You could imagine my excitement when I found a game so similar in PSO’s aspect (though not mechanically).

But Battlefield V lacks one thing that keeps me from wanting to play more: difficulty. In PSO it gets easier to clear rooms the higher level you are, but you get your kicked by the enemies initially. You don’t feel that same risk of death in Battlefield V.

There is no “I” in AI. Enemies are just plain dumb, to the point where I feel dumb for even fighting them unless it’s the main objective. Allow me to give an example. At one point during an Earth mission I decided to mess with my key bindings. The moment I pressed escape I could hear that an enemy had found me, so in my head I’m like, ” I want to change my bindings so guess I’ll just die.” I spent at least a minute messing with bindings, all the while I can hear this boi shooting me every now and then. Once I was finished and closed the menu, I noticed that I still had shield. I didn’t even lose any health that entire time..
That just makes no sense. I’m supposed to believe that a soldier can’t spray bullets into a standing target because I’m supposed to be playing a “power fantasy”? That’s not a power fantasy, that’s just a game about a parkour cyborg fighting against a horde of mobs with down syndrome.

I’m 5 hours in and I feel braindead. I can’t do this for another 45 hours hoping to finally reach “the good content”. If they could fix the AI to be a bit more engaging/coordinated I am totally willing to give Battlefield V another try. So you do you want to play the beta with me? Just watch this video:

One final comment: I don’t want it to be difficult like Dark Souls, I just want to feel challenged.