Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Free Beta Key Now Avaliable!

BO4 is a game to throw down a few hours with some pals, just wish there was a way to team up with bigger maps and more players however the current game is fast pace and good destructive environment.

Quite a few negative comments (especially from CS:GO’s community) towards Call of Duty simply don’t make sense to me – the game is superior to almost every other first person shooter out there. Toxic players and exploiters are dealt with, and the game itself has an overwhelming amount of gadgets, abilities, and features, which make me amazed about the effort put into the coding. As Call of Duty is more than just reaction times and headshots, players must use environmental sound and team coordination as well as communication to their advantage, given reinforceable walls, hatches, doorways, and windows to breach. So if you are looking at getting yours hands on black ops 4 beta key, look no further….

Absolutely fell in love with the game back when early access just came out, I had never played anything like it and the Battle Royale experience hooked me. The game was an absolute blast to play with friends for the countless hilarious moments and/or epic clutches. The problems the game had didn’t even matter, I was just enjoying the game too damn much. However, the problems never really got fixed. Sure, the performance has gotten better, they’ve been trying to fight cheaters and they do fix the occasional bug. But for a game that’s officially released it feels and playes like absolute crap. I was still able to enjoy the game for a bit but once I got a taste of how BR could also be done I couldn’t be asked to put up with the problems anymore. Don’t bother buying the game in it’s current state, your time could be better spend playing something else. This is a great game but i don’t like that they make you buy keys to open certain cases. so far nothing has been worth buying a key for.