Minecraft : How to boost performance!


Do you know what this game is? I assume you do because you wouldn’t be reading this. In case you don’t, you will probably find out soon because it is one of the most popular games on the Internet today, despite the fact that it has no graphics whatsoever and from the first looks is considered to be terrible. Even though this game was very simple and is made of cubes, it takes up majority of your RAM which in plenty of occasions causes your system to freeze.
First time I played it myself it was nothing more but a constant lag, by saying constant lag I mean that the game freezes in every ten to five seconds or so. Even though this game is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played, it was nearly impossible to play it like that and it was nothing I could enjoy at the moment. I did actions below to fix this problem, make sure you do this before playing because you may end up frustrated with this game without seeing all its beauty.

So, all the instructions below to find out how to make Minecraft run normally:

Inside the game in you go to options and then settings, make sure you change graphics to fast, your computer will be more than grateful for that.

Also have in mind that every program you run on your PC takes up system memory. Meaning, if you will run Firefox, Winamp and will be chatting with your friends on Skype, Minecraft will have less memory to run which will force the game to freeze again and again. To avoid this make sure you run as less applications as possible.

Now, to boost CPU on Minecraft opening your Windows Task manager, go to processes tab and while the Minecraft is running select ‘javaw.exe’ process and set it to a high priority – now your CPU will be dedicated to run Minecraft normally first.

This is how to enjoy this wonderful piece of a game without all those frustrating lags. Now┬áif you guys don’t even play minecraft yet, I suggest you to watch this video! How to get minecraft for free!