Is There a Natural Way to Protect Your Skin from Eczema?


With summer fast approaching you are probably trying to figure out what sun tan lotion will work best for your skin. However it is possible for you to protect your sin in a very natural way. Not everyone likes to put on sun tan lotion, and there are many others who are allergic to sun tan lotion. One thing that you can do is drink a lot of water in order to keep the moisture in your body. You are probably thinking that this is a very weird way to help protect your skin from the sun, but it really does help. Of course you are not going to prevent sun burn by drinking water while you stand in the sun all day. However if you make sure that you spend no more than fifteen minutes at a time in the sun and drink plenty of water then you will definitely help to make your body safer when it comes to the sun.
One thing that you will want to avoid doing is constantly covering your skin with long sleeved clothing. Some people may think that this is a natural way to protect their skin from the sun, but it really is not. You will definitely end up doing a lot more damage to your body by preventing any sun from getting to it at all. Remember that your body needs a certain amount of sun light for vitamin D. All you really have to do is make sure that you limit the amount of time you spend in the son. I highly recommend you watch this eczema video, it’s honestly the best to learn about the tips and tricks of how to deal with it!

Another myth that many doctors say does not work is adding an extra dose of Vitamin A and Vitamin E to your diet. Of course you need these vitamins for your body but increasing the amount will not protect your body against sunburn or UV light in any way. One product that does work and has been proven by scientist to be effective is Jojoba oil, which is actually found in a lot of sun tan lotions, sprays and crèmes. The bottom line is to try and find sun tan lotions and creams that include the most natural ingredients possible. Jojoba oil, green tea, and Aloe, are just a few of the natural ingredients that you will want to look for in these products. You just need to make sure hat you read the label before you purchase anything. If you have never used any of these products then you should make sure that you test a small amount on your skin first to ensure that you don’t break out from using it.

You can play Dark Souls Remastered for FREE!

My main complaint with this game is the removal of the “Poise” system from older games.
Essentially, poise is(was) a system where if you wear heavy armor, your character has resistence to being stunned or interupted while attacking or doing other actions like drinking estus, or casting spells, or even moving if the armor was heavy enough(Havel’s Set)
This system was especially powerful in Dark Souls 1 where characters with extremely heavy (and therefore highly protective) armor could still move with relative ease, while *also* being highly aggressive since they didn’t need to worry about their attacks not connecting due to interupts.

The system definitley needed to be fixed, or tweaked. But in a stunning display of incompetence, FromSoft legit *removed* poise from the game during the final months before release. The stat is *still in the game* but it does *nothing*
Folks who dug through the game files found out that there was literally a “toggle poise” value that was set to zero. Meaning they literally just disabled poise instead of trying to balance it. Oh and did I mention you download the dark souls remastered for free? Here’s the video I am talking about: dark souls remastered for free!

Well, now that I’ve discussed what poise is and why it matters. I’ll demonstrate why *removing* poise was a horrible decision. Now instead of having relatively slow, but sturdy Havel Monsters who rely almost entirely on their massive defense and overwhelming damage to punish opponents, you now have almost every player utilizing a light armor set with the largest weapon with the most reach as possible. (washing poles, great-curved swords, etc.)
Almost *no one* utilizes heavy armor, since it’s been (just like poise) heavily nerfed into the ground. Now instead of taking 60% reduced damage with a heavy armor set compared to 25% reduced damage with a light armor set, you have a mere 30% reduced damage(heavy) compared to 20% reduced damage(light). These are on average of course.

Furthemore, most spells and equipment that *isn’t* weapons has been nerfed into the ground. Defensive rings are far *far* less effective in PvP than they once were. Take for example the “Ring of Steel Protection” a ring that reduces the amount of damage you take from physical attacks. Sounds good right? Well you’d be wrong. This is one of the worst rings possible in the game (Besides the Wolf Ring of course, which increases poise, which as we discussed has been turned off completely, which is funny because the ring *still says that it increases poise which is now a useless stat*) . The Steel Protection ring gives a nice, hefty 17% reduced damage from all physical damage. Sounds amazing right? Well what the ring *doesn’t tell you* is that it’s only about 1/4th as effective in PvP. It only gives you a 5% reduced damage in PvP… Compare this to the Hornets Ring, or the Leo Ring, and it becomes pretty clear that after Bloodborne, Miyazaki had *no intention* of allowing players to play safely and smartly. He now has a raging boner for *one playstyle* and one playstyle only. Ruthless, Aggresive, Fast-Paced, Reactionary, and therefore often Reckless combat. Period.

You wanna be a slow and methodical priest, who outlasts his opponents with his healing miracles, forcing opponents to go on the offensive and kill you quickly to end the fight? Nope. Sorry. Faiths been nerfed up the too.
You want to be a clever and diverse mage, who tricks his enemies into exposing themselves only to unleash a barrage of spells in rapid succession? Nope. You guessed it, sorceries have been nerfed as well.
Casting time has increased, and damage has been reduced.

Couple this with the damage modifiers for weapons reaching absolutely *absurd* levels and you get a pretty good idea of why removing poise was a mistake.
As always the PVE in this series remains stellar. But being interupted wearing the heaviest possible armor in the game by a couple of *literal fleas* was a huge boner kill for me.

An overall excellent game, despite my complaints. Play it for the PvE, the PvP isn’t as atrocious as Demon Souls or Dark Souls 2, but with the removal of poise, and the nerfing of magic, faith, and heavy armor, there’s few playstyles that can play at a meta level.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Free Beta Key Now Avaliable!

BO4 is a game to throw down a few hours with some pals, just wish there was a way to team up with bigger maps and more players however the current game is fast pace and good destructive environment.

Quite a few negative comments (especially from CS:GO’s community) towards Call of Duty simply don’t make sense to me – the game is superior to almost every other first person shooter out there. Toxic players and exploiters are dealt with, and the game itself has an overwhelming amount of gadgets, abilities, and features, which make me amazed about the effort put into the coding. As Call of Duty is more than just reaction times and headshots, players must use environmental sound and team coordination as well as communication to their advantage, given reinforceable walls, hatches, doorways, and windows to breach. So if you are looking at getting yours hands on black ops 4 beta key, look no further….

Absolutely fell in love with the game back when early access just came out, I had never played anything like it and the Battle Royale experience hooked me. The game was an absolute blast to play with friends for the countless hilarious moments and/or epic clutches. The problems the game had didn’t even matter, I was just enjoying the game too damn much. However, the problems never really got fixed. Sure, the performance has gotten better, they’ve been trying to fight cheaters and they do fix the occasional bug. But for a game that’s officially released it feels and playes like absolute crap. I was still able to enjoy the game for a bit but once I got a taste of how BR could also be done I couldn’t be asked to put up with the problems anymore. Don’t bother buying the game in it’s current state, your time could be better spend playing something else. This is a great game but i don’t like that they make you buy keys to open certain cases. so far nothing has been worth buying a key for.

Mario Kart 8 – It is worth buying?

I starting playing Mario Kart 8 when it was free on the nintendo store and liked it so much i bought it on wiiu. The mechanics and overall feel of the game is great and it has never gotten boring the few years i have played this game. The amount of greifers and toxic players i get queued up with in competitive for two to three games in a row makes me not want to play the game most times. If there was an option in the game where you could prevent certain players from ever being on your team again and instead queue up with completely new people that would make the game more enjoyable to play.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is probably my all-time favorite game. It has awesome game mechanics and it is a lot of fun.
Totally worth the money! Combining 3 things that guys like is a pretty good idea xD Cars, PVP and Rockets!
Good for begginers and even better for experts in the game.
Try it out or just get it for free: mario kart 8 free

Mario Kart 8 is exactly as fun as everyone says it is. Those rare moments when you take over the ball from your own end of the field, blast past everyone and score an uncontested goal are totally satisfying, and those cross-your-fingers blind jumpshots against a mob of cars from the other team are even better. But MK8 is fun even when you’re losing miserably. In fact, it’s a decent game without any other players at all, just kicking the ball around or doing loops in the air.

My only complaint is that the AI teammates have a nasty habit of getting too many blue shells xD!

Minecraft : How to boost performance!


Do you know what this game is? I assume you do because you wouldn’t be reading this. In case you don’t, you will probably find out soon because it is one of the most popular games on the Internet today, despite the fact that it has no graphics whatsoever and from the first looks is considered to be terrible. Even though this game was very simple and is made of cubes, it takes up majority of your RAM which in plenty of occasions causes your system to freeze.
First time I played it myself it was nothing more but a constant lag, by saying constant lag I mean that the game freezes in every ten to five seconds or so. Even though this game is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played, it was nearly impossible to play it like that and it was nothing I could enjoy at the moment. I did actions below to fix this problem, make sure you do this before playing because you may end up frustrated with this game without seeing all its beauty.

So, all the instructions below to find out how to make Minecraft run normally:

Inside the game in you go to options and then settings, make sure you change graphics to fast, your computer will be more than grateful for that.

Also have in mind that every program you run on your PC takes up system memory. Meaning, if you will run Firefox, Winamp and will be chatting with your friends on Skype, Minecraft will have less memory to run which will force the game to freeze again and again. To avoid this make sure you run as less applications as possible.

Now, to boost CPU on Minecraft opening your Windows Task manager, go to processes tab and while the Minecraft is running select ‘javaw.exe’ process and set it to a high priority – now your CPU will be dedicated to run Minecraft normally first.

This is how to enjoy this wonderful piece of a game without all those frustrating lags. Now if you guys don’t even play minecraft yet, I suggest you to watch this video! How to get minecraft for free!