My GTA 5 Review

This game was great when it first came out. The story mod was one of the best things I had seen in a game like this in a long time (circa 2013 on the PS3). Then when it made the jump to PS4 I bought it again and again on PC a few months later. I like playing GTA on PC because of the modability of it in the single player mode. There are some great mods out there that really make this game shine. The problem with GTA though is the Online aspect, I was ok with it after it first arrived. Content updates were frequent, cost was cheap, game was fun. As Rockstar aged this game, IE: as time went by, it changed in a huge way. Gone were the frequent updates, still semi-frequent to not maybe one update every year worth going on format this point. The content got CRAZY pricey too. I mean, the highest paid micro-transaction of $100USD = about $8,000,000GTA and thats NOT ENOUGH for some basice stuff in the game. I have bought some “Shark Cards” in the past plus I have bought the game 3+ times at least. You’d think Rockstar and Take2 would be able to give us something back but no, they got gready. The banning policy is dumb to. I agree some people deserve it but I myself got a Perma-Ban in January for accidentally trying to go online with Rage Hook running. Just keep in mind that you cant go into GTA Online while RageHook is active. Rockstar says too bad when I mentioned it so F**k them. Ill not by anything by them again. Luckily though, they only banned my PC based account and not my counsel based ones. Still though, its only a matter of time I reckon. Now should you play Grand theft auto 5 in 2018? Definitely! This game is good and you can actually play for free now if you follow this guide: how to get gta 5 free!

Rockstar HAD a great game, then they killed it with Micro-transations, low paying missions, and the banning system. GG Rockstar, GG.