My Far Cry 5 PS4 Review

Far Cry 5 is a great game, but it faulters where it really needed to succeed the most.

The game is to easy. Here you might start to think that, well, some people like easier games and dont want a so called “dark souls experience”. That is true, but what you get here is a game where you literally can go through it with your eyes closed. Which is a big, big shame because the battle system is really cool, in theory. The problem is that because the game is so easy there is no point in using the robust battle mechanics the game actually offer. There are lots of cool skills to use, familiars to care about that have cool effects, but none of them matter as you can just button mash through most of the game.

I can’t stress this enough. For a JRPG that is mostly built around you fighting monsters, getting better gear and stuff, it’s infuriating how little challenge the game actually throws at you. What’s even worse is that the fun Kingdom building system gives you lots of cool ways to acquire better gear, but then again, that feature is totally useless because of how easy the game is.

Most of the other stuff in the game are great. Music is fantastic and so is the graphics, story and it’s characters. But the combat falters so much that i have a hard time recommending the game. Luckily for us PC users there are scripts out there to give the enemies more HP and deal more damage so you actually have to dodge, block and use your abilities to be able to deal damage, but i have to judge the game based on what comes from the developer, and combat wise it really sucks. In a sense at least. If you actually use it it’s really fun, but there is no point in doing so because you just kill everything faster and easier just by mashing the attack button.

I bought the game today and I alredy have over 10 hours. Very few games have made me play for so long without a break. I actually got it for free: how to get far cry 5 free!

The graphics are amazing and adorable.
The gameplay is really good and well made. It’s got different mechanics and ways of making you play, which is unique but also good.
The story – it’s child friendly but is still very interesting and fun.
The combat – It’s not Dark Souls that’s for sure, it’s not insanely difficult, but it’s not way too easy either. If you are not careful you will die. More than once.
You can upgrade pretty much anything you can think of in this game – kingdom, abillies, powers, skills, strategies, items etc.
You can control what your people do
You can research new abilities and weapons, strategies etc.

Should you buy Kirby Star Allies?

I actually received kirby star allies as a gift. Great fun with lots of challenging puzzles for you to solve. You have quite a bit of freedom to come up with your own creative solutions to the obstacles you will face in the game.

You can explore the level freely and goof around with your ragdoll character to your heart’s content. No time limits or enemies chasing you. You just go along at your own pace. No fancy graphics really but the environments are still quite stylish. Music is very fitting.

Character movement can be a bit frustrating at times because of the way the character control works (your arms go where you look). Every now and then I find a game that triggers my motion sickness and unfortunately the camera movement in this game did it. Had to take a few breaks during my playthrough but still had tons of fun. Definitely a game I can recommend.

One issue I had with the inclusion of multiplayer was how stupid fun it was. Talk about a first world gaming problem, but when playing Kirby star allies with friends and randoms it was one of the best experiences I’ve had playing any multiplayer game period. The original title, without multiplayer, is overshadowed by the many different ways you can customize your character, screw over your friends, and absolutely break the laws of nature with your superhuman vice grip. It’s almost too much fun and takes away from the rest of the game very quickly as that initial high of building an eight-man conga line to swing to victory becomes progressively less enticing. This is how to get kirby star allies free btw!

In conclusion, I think Kirby Star Allies is an excellent 3D sandbox platformer that you should consider purchasing today. Especially if you have a friend group that you like to get particularly rowdy with because I can’t short sell how much fun the multiplayer can be. Also, understand the game only has a few maps and currently doesn’t support steam workshop for bonus content. So until we start to see more content buckle in for at least a five-hour experience that can be rewarding even through the single-player campaign. This has been my review of Kirby Star Allies I hope you consider purchasing this excellent indie game!