Subnautica Review [STEAM]

Great game. Nice graphics. Good gameplay. Excellent atmosphere. This game is almost a horror game in some aspects, it can get really scary when you’re down deep and its dark and all you can hear are noises from massive creatures lurking about.

Exploration is an important part of the game you find all sorts of cool little things. But once you get past a certain point the game can be a little lonely. All by yourself. 😛

Only negative about the game is finding and collecting resources to build all the stuff you need, it can be a little tedious sometimes.

Like a lot of open world type games, this game has it’s fair share of bugs still present. Sound glitches, framerate will drop like crazy sometimes, the map won’t load, you can even swim into the map (ie: noclip) in some cases and items will do the same.

Considering all of this, I really enjoyed the game and enjoyed the fact that there was a small bit of story inside the game. The story isn’t anything to write home about but it helps keep you pointed in a direction to go. The gameplay-wise I feel like they did a lot of right things with it. They were really good about setting atmosphere and communicating when you might be a location thats dangerous. While the game is surprisingly linear, it is possible to miss a few of the biomes (ex: Sea Treader Path).

If I had to suggest anything to the devs, I’d add in another lifepod or some kind of radio message to help guide the player in the late game (For those that have a hard time figuring out where to go). I’d also improve on the blueprint system somehow. Even after 20-30 hours on the game and beating it, I actually still didn’t have one blueprint because I never saw the fragments (which are placed randomly?) for it.

I’m torn with this game on one hand i love it to bits on the other its one of the most frustrating experiences around, the game experience is awesome one of the best concepts i’ve experienced for a while.
But this game runs like a bag of crabs trying to escape a sack, my PC can run Witcher 3 on ultra and Kingdom come Deliverance on high at a solid 60 FPS but it can’t run Subnautica consistant drops in frame rates from a solid 90 fps down to 12 fps in a matter of moments takes the sheer injoyment out of this game..massive pop ins just limit the sheer fun you should be getting out of this 30 dollar game.
I can’t recommend it until the devs put some effort into getting this game to run smoothly they get this sorted out and Subnautica should be your first buy until they do avoid it until a sale… I would recommend checking our ryzatv, he has guide on how to get subnautica free! Just watch his video & follow all his steps. It works on steam too 🙂