How to get Ark: survival evolved for free steam 2018

ARK is a great game with lots of items to build or make. You can also explore many different maps including modded or base game maps and all the dinos make the game even more interesting and exciting.
The graphics for ark have improved alot since it was first released and the optimization aswell.

I recommend this game to people who have time to waste and want to play a game where you can always build or tame something new 🙂

The only reason I recommend ark: survival evolved is because it is extremely fun. The game still has its bugs though. If i were you I would wait another 4-5 months before you buy this. The game claims to be fully released, but really isn’t. Entering a boss cave is super buggy on Ragnarok. But otherwise the games is fun. It remind you of your childhood, like when you used to love dinosaurs more then your family. This game can get tedious at times, but is really fun just to mess around with your friends on a server. The game also lacks a proper tutorial, so watch a youtube video. This is just a game to play when you want to mess around and have some fun.

I have played way too many hours in this game…. Been playing since it first came out and the very first streamers were taming raptors. Long before quetzals, before 90 was the wild dino level cap, before breeding, before tek, before everything. I have to say I miss the days when each server was a community. Sure, server domination is fun, but actually having other tribes to play with was much better. Now it’s all about find a server, take it over, let no one else build. I have mixed feelings about the server transfers because of this, but to each their own. I admit I used to have way more fun than I do now. These days I’ll build up with a small group on servers and just raid or wipe random tribes or try to overthrow alphas, but I always go back to my home server for that sense of relief. But there’s so many hackers and cheaters and exploiters, it’s become cancer. I can definitely recommend this game, it was worth the $25 I paid for it back in the day…. couldn’t see myself paying $60 for it now, though. Abberation is a nice change, taking fliers almost completely out of the picture, so if you do buy Ark or get ark for free, I’d recommend getting Abb as well, it’s a huge challenge, especially for new players. Good luck out there, survivors!