My CSGO Review + How to get it for free!

If you get over the initial learning curve of finding out what you need to get better at (oh I should have been at X instead of Y to defend that angle, I didnt stop moving in time for my shots to be accurate, I should try isolate players using angles instead of completely peaking and shooting in between them in panic etc) you’re set for a journey.

In the end accept that there is always someone better than you and there’s always more to learn, focus on what you could have done better each time you lost/died and you’ll be incredibly satisfied as you climb ranks and enjoy the competitive nature of the game. Accept that you won’t win every game, and that sometimes your team will be garbage. (and add people who’re fun to play with or just competent teammates and stack with them when possible)

You may need some thick skin to be able to focus and do those things (people can be immature/”overly passionate”), but mute them if they’re not balancing that out with calling enemy positions etc. – easy fix.

voice_enable 0 in the console if you’re not in competitives and you wanna just warm up and ignore the salt, but remember to turn it back on! (voice_enable 1)

Also make sure you work your way into trusted matchmaking (phone number and your CSGO level etc) before you decide this game is full of hackers, just report them and continue what I said above – try your best even if it’s a lost cause! Those times you back from nothing to win are the most satisfying 🙂

This is a great online FPS. I recommend it all the way.For £11.99 (UK) it is a bargain. There are many game modes, from COMP to TDM and many more. Watch this video to get csgo for free 2018


Overall, this is great. The community does have a lot of young kids however and does become quite frustrating when you have to mute them over and over again.