Idle Heroes Hacks & Cheats

Having spent about 15 hours on this game, I think I’ve reached my limit with it. Maybe I should have known what I was getting into with a JRPG but the grind in this game is significant and not terribly interesting. All the parts of this game that look great: combat, style, story, characters; they are great. The part that isn’t great is that every time you finish a story beat, you have to complete a dungeon. And often, you’ll have to complete that dungeon at least twice (or grind on the world map, or grind the fishing minigame) in order to be sufficiently powered for the next one.

If you like grinding, almost nothing I have to say will be a problem for you. Literally, almost everything else is great. Here are the small list of things that aren’t:

You can only have three characters in your party at a time and the benched party members do not gain passive experience. If you’re already wearing thin on the grind, you definitely won’t be swapping party members as you need to take those underleveled teammates into dungeons to level them up to be effective again.

The game can sometimes not be very forthcoming with gear for a specific character, leaving you in a lurch of crafting/swapping characters, both of which can demand a fair amount of grinding in idle heroes.

Spots of high difficulty aren’t very well labeled and you may find yourself feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place simply because it’s not clear that you probably shouldn’t be where you are.

If none of that is a problem for you, you will like this game. Simply put, it isn’t a game that I have the fortitude or the time to finish.

It was great to start with but I’ve really hit a wall at level 10 that has totally taken my will to play away. I would only recommend playing this game with idle heroes cheats!

Basically they seriously beef up the enemy damage values so you go from playing an early final fantasy to playing a version of Shin Megami Tensei in terms of your ability to survive fights. Then it gave me a sidequest that was not possible for my team to complete that took half (~250) my gold away when i died to the boss I had zero chance of beating. Which really stops you wanting to take risks and explore when you get about 10g per fight!

Oh and there’s a terrible “random loot” system rather than a thought out curve of getting useful appropriate stuff, so if you find yourself stuck with a few greens well below your level you’re just stuffed and underpowered unless you go back and grind dungeons for loot crates.

I mean, it’s beautiful and has lots of character and energy, but it can be very arbitrary and is then super punishing due to that.