My Sims 4 Review & How i got it for FREE!

What I liked:
Improves almost every aspect from the first game
The best combat system thus far
Voice acting (I didn’t play the updated original)
Story at some parts is amazing
Game designed with co-op and solo in a CRPG???!!?!
What You Need to Know:
I played this game solo (#FOREVERALONE), even though having two copies from Kickstarting the game. I would love to play the game co-op to see the game how a great game is even better with a friend competing for how the game plays.

With that out of the way, I want to start with the story. It’s all over the place. I don’t remember the story from the first one and I’ll probably forget most of this game too. The first 2 acts which is about 60 hours of the game and feels at times lackluster in terms of the pacing, with only the ending of each act being amazing mostly in terms of what it makes you fight. The last 3 acts each get more focused on the main quest and side quests that branch from it. The huge time sink in the game is how many side quests you get or prevent from completing if you kill everyone.

The game does favor heavily playing the good side as after watching the ending you get 30 seconds if choosing anything other than the good option with no details on anything other than world is screwed. You choose to be good; you get over 10 minutes of details about every character you helped, companions, and the entire world in way more detail. I usually play the hero and help anyone I can and accidently picked the wrong option as it I thought it was the good choice. The whole tone at the end, is based on this final pick regardless of what you do in the rest of the game. So no matter how you play pick the good ending so you can hear your story.

The players you create can be just random dude that is standard with most RPG’s. I decided to play as the undead guy because I got the collector’s edition and he’s the statue you get, so why not. I’ve never played as an undead which heals from poison, hurt from normal healing, as well as agro npc if you get naked, lol. With these premade characters of 6, they allow you get a quest for yourself and for each companion you bring along. You can also play as undead of any race too. So you get options bro.

The combat improves from the first one with two armors that while up prevents the major status effects that previously was percentage and more chanced based. I like this move to prevent save scumming for effects. You have battles taking place in areas that have verticality that can extend or block skills as well as increase or decrease damage based on the height. You have everything from the first one that I love with over one hundred skills that each have a purpose since you have elements playing a role. You get curse and blessed variants on each element. What I’m trying to say is the combat is by far my favorite so far. I’m loving turned based combat more and more with each game I play.

The game scales loot you find in the world but not quests as they are static, Sims 4  saddens completing quests that are levels below you as the reward sucks. The AI you fight feels at times cheating as they never attacked my undead character with poison ever and always knew what elements are my weakness and feel like they know everything regardless of level or enemy type. This does make the game more difficult but actually plays like a real person would. I never got the feeling of laughing once at a stupid enemy messing up and healing my dude. Also when my characters are charmed they always do the dumbest stuff and use all my potions and scrolls, this was actually funny to watch and always had more than they could use. I do know the AI being too smart can be modded to feel more artificial if you don’t like that feature.

My biggest gripe is the interface to shift items around characters and when crafting no search option. This is so freaking stupid, with efforts put into teleporting items to relevant characters when needed for actions to save tedious shifting items; they forgot that when you pick up everything, I have a lot of crap sort to which player to give to. This is tedious when doing by item. Let us set items to go to certain players that use those items like arrows, grenades, and armor. So much time is wasted sorting and finding out who needs what item. Also crafting when you have hundreds of materials is hard to find the one you need. Dear god this was annoying at times.

Crafting is no longer a skill to put points into; you learn recipes and anyone can craft them. This sounds nice but I never really crafted until the end to prepare for the last fight. So that feature felt lackluster compared to the first game.

Overall the game is another instant classic just like the original. You don’t have to play the first one to understand this one. The combat has so much depth in it and was the main draw for me and did not disappoint. The story overall only felt epic at ends of each act with some fun side quests, especially the animal ones. I love the pet pal talent. All the major side quests had satisfying endings and I can’t wait for a 3rd game. These devs have made me to understand why old school RPG’s are the best and can’t go back to shallow ones anymore. As for the price, it can quite expensive I would buy sims 4 on sale or get sims 4 free watching this video.

How to get Ark: survival evolved for free steam 2018

ARK is a great game with lots of items to build or make. You can also explore many different maps including modded or base game maps and all the dinos make the game even more interesting and exciting.
The graphics for ark have improved alot since it was first released and the optimization aswell.

I recommend this game to people who have time to waste and want to play a game where you can always build or tame something new 🙂

The only reason I recommend ark: survival evolved is because it is extremely fun. The game still has its bugs though. If i were you I would wait another 4-5 months before you buy this. The game claims to be fully released, but really isn’t. Entering a boss cave is super buggy on Ragnarok. But otherwise the games is fun. It remind you of your childhood, like when you used to love dinosaurs more then your family. This game can get tedious at times, but is really fun just to mess around with your friends on a server. The game also lacks a proper tutorial, so watch a youtube video. This is just a game to play when you want to mess around and have some fun.

I have played way too many hours in this game…. Been playing since it first came out and the very first streamers were taming raptors. Long before quetzals, before 90 was the wild dino level cap, before breeding, before tek, before everything. I have to say I miss the days when each server was a community. Sure, server domination is fun, but actually having other tribes to play with was much better. Now it’s all about find a server, take it over, let no one else build. I have mixed feelings about the server transfers because of this, but to each their own. I admit I used to have way more fun than I do now. These days I’ll build up with a small group on servers and just raid or wipe random tribes or try to overthrow alphas, but I always go back to my home server for that sense of relief. But there’s so many hackers and cheaters and exploiters, it’s become cancer. I can definitely recommend this game, it was worth the $25 I paid for it back in the day…. couldn’t see myself paying $60 for it now, though. Abberation is a nice change, taking fliers almost completely out of the picture, so if you do buy Ark or get ark for free, I’d recommend getting Abb as well, it’s a huge challenge, especially for new players. Good luck out there, survivors!

My CSGO Review + How to get it for free!

If you get over the initial learning curve of finding out what you need to get better at (oh I should have been at X instead of Y to defend that angle, I didnt stop moving in time for my shots to be accurate, I should try isolate players using angles instead of completely peaking and shooting in between them in panic etc) you’re set for a journey.

In the end accept that there is always someone better than you and there’s always more to learn, focus on what you could have done better each time you lost/died and you’ll be incredibly satisfied as you climb ranks and enjoy the competitive nature of the game. Accept that you won’t win every game, and that sometimes your team will be garbage. (and add people who’re fun to play with or just competent teammates and stack with them when possible)

You may need some thick skin to be able to focus and do those things (people can be immature/”overly passionate”), but mute them if they’re not balancing that out with calling enemy positions etc. – easy fix.

voice_enable 0 in the console if you’re not in competitives and you wanna just warm up and ignore the salt, but remember to turn it back on! (voice_enable 1)

Also make sure you work your way into trusted matchmaking (phone number and your CSGO level etc) before you decide this game is full of hackers, just report them and continue what I said above – try your best even if it’s a lost cause! Those times you back from nothing to win are the most satisfying 🙂

This is a great online FPS. I recommend it all the way.For £11.99 (UK) it is a bargain. There are many game modes, from COMP to TDM and many more. Watch this video to get csgo for free 2018


Overall, this is great. The community does have a lot of young kids however and does become quite frustrating when you have to mute them over and over again.

Idle Heroes Hacks & Cheats

Having spent about 15 hours on this game, I think I’ve reached my limit with it. Maybe I should have known what I was getting into with a JRPG but the grind in this game is significant and not terribly interesting. All the parts of this game that look great: combat, style, story, characters; they are great. The part that isn’t great is that every time you finish a story beat, you have to complete a dungeon. And often, you’ll have to complete that dungeon at least twice (or grind on the world map, or grind the fishing minigame) in order to be sufficiently powered for the next one.

If you like grinding, almost nothing I have to say will be a problem for you. Literally, almost everything else is great. Here are the small list of things that aren’t:

You can only have three characters in your party at a time and the benched party members do not gain passive experience. If you’re already wearing thin on the grind, you definitely won’t be swapping party members as you need to take those underleveled teammates into dungeons to level them up to be effective again.

The game can sometimes not be very forthcoming with gear for a specific character, leaving you in a lurch of crafting/swapping characters, both of which can demand a fair amount of grinding in idle heroes.

Spots of high difficulty aren’t very well labeled and you may find yourself feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place simply because it’s not clear that you probably shouldn’t be where you are.

If none of that is a problem for you, you will like this game. Simply put, it isn’t a game that I have the fortitude or the time to finish.

It was great to start with but I’ve really hit a wall at level 10 that has totally taken my will to play away. I would only recommend playing this game with idle heroes cheats!

Basically they seriously beef up the enemy damage values so you go from playing an early final fantasy to playing a version of Shin Megami Tensei in terms of your ability to survive fights. Then it gave me a sidequest that was not possible for my team to complete that took half (~250) my gold away when i died to the boss I had zero chance of beating. Which really stops you wanting to take risks and explore when you get about 10g per fight!

Oh and there’s a terrible “random loot” system rather than a thought out curve of getting useful appropriate stuff, so if you find yourself stuck with a few greens well below your level you’re just stuffed and underpowered unless you go back and grind dungeons for loot crates.

I mean, it’s beautiful and has lots of character and energy, but it can be very arbitrary and is then super punishing due to that.