Winter Skin Solutions

The months of harsh cold weather has arrived and often it is the skin that takes the toll. How can one maintain natural looking skin throughout the winter season? Despite of the fact that our skin would mostly be covered with heavy apparel for the majority of the winter season, it is still important to put proper care to our skin. Remember that skin care during winter season does not focus on skin of the face alone. The skin of the different parts of our body may require various levels of care. Here are some tips that you may use to keep skin natural looking all through winter

Winter is a time that requires extra care for skin. Humidity drops during winter season which deprives our skin the chance to absorb moisture from the air. The warm temperature inside the house makes our skin more sensitive making it prone to dryness and irritation.

It is never too early to adopt a regimen for winter skin. During the winter months, temperatures outside decrease while temperatures inside the home increase. The sudden change in humidity makes skin vulnerable to drying. Longer hot baths and warmer showers wash away moisture from the skin leaving skin feeling dry. Starting a good skin regimen before the onset of winter will allow the skin to pack in moisture that will protect the skin through the season’s harsh weather conditions.

You may use a moisturizer to keep your face from drying during winter. Choose one that has sunscreen preferably one with at least SPF15 level. You might need to apply more often than usual, but only do so when you feel that your skin is getting dry. Use mild soaps and lukewarm water to wash face. Never use hot water as this will wash away moisture from your skin and will leave your skin feeling sensitive. Part of skin care of the face is care for the lips. To avoid chapped lips, use a lip balm. There are lip balms that also come with an SPF for added protection to your lips.

In cases wherein you are undergoing skin care regimen for skin conditions on the face such as acne or allergies, you need not discontinue this regimen. However, some ointments may cause skin to dry. It would be best to consult a doctor to request for a milder medication for your skin. Skin medications in the form of ointments are often produced in cream form as well. You may opt to request for a prescription of the medication in cream form. Topical creams are formulated in as such a way that it also gives a moisturizing effect.

For body skin care, avoid harsh soaps that may cause skin to dry and break. Use mild soaps and lukewarm water to bathe or shower. You may add bath oils to lukewarm bath water. Apply moisturizer or lotion immediately after taking a shower or bathing, you should do this while skin is still wet to trap in additional moisture. You may use petroleum jelly in areas where skin is extremely dry.

It is also advised to wash hands often to avoid getting the colds during the winter season. Frequent washing of hands promotes dryness. Every time you wash hands, apply hand cream or moisturizer immediately after. I often refer this skin care guide!

Those are just some tips on how to take care of your skin during the winter season. These tips will help you avoid skin problems and conditions caused by the extreme change in weather. Various types of skin though, may require different levels of care. It may be best to consult a dermatologist or a doctor to seek further advice on which type of skin care would be most recommended for you.